Starting from 2012, with the entry into force of the CE regulation 203/2012, we can speak of organic wine and no more of wine “coming from organic grapes” thanks to the possibility of certifying as organic the whole process of vinification and transformation of the grapes.

A wine is defined as organic when it comes from 100% organic grapes grown without the use of synthetic chemical agents in the vineyards while in the winery the vinification must take place with the limited use of sulphites and certified organic wine products.

Organic wine is recognized through the presence on the label of the community logo; guarantee mark that certifies the entire wine production process. We at the winery Castello di Grillano have been committed since 1935 to guarantee our consumers the genuineness and naturalness of our organic and vegan wine.

Obtaining organic certification and the consequent possibility of affixing the relative logo on the label is not easy; the companies are subject to continuous and strict controls by the competent bodies which certify the compliance of the companies with the legal obligations; our body is ICEA.

Organic wine is a completely natural and genuine wine that does not use the use of synthetic chemical agents at any stage of the production process. The vine is cultivated in its habitat, with the spontaneous herbs growing around it, with a developed biodiversity. The plant thus succeeds in producing balanced fruits that express all the characteristics typical of the territory in which it grows. Organic wine is a healthy, natural and genuine product that respects not only the environment and the ecosystem but also safeguards the health of those who consume it, of the producer himself and of those around us, being devoid of any chemical component in it.