In the 1930s, Giovanni Torello purchased the castle, Castello di Grillano, with its historic wine cellars, vineyards, and two rustic farmhouses, “Carlotta” and “Rivarola”. Giovanni’s grandson, Francesco, descendent of a Genoese noble family, the Marchesi (Marquis) Rovereto, in 2003, decided to follow in his grandfather and father’s footsteps – leaving behind a career as an engineer which sent him all over the world – to dedicate himself with passion and entrepreneurial spirit to wine-making. And so, this is how a vast renovation of the vineyards and the wine cellars was undertaken, and the ancient farmhouses and the castle were restored and modernized – while always respecting historic and architectural values – to provide accommodation for guests.
Now on the fourth generation of family members, Federica and Filippo, Francesco’s children, also share the grand dream of the Castello di Grillano that their great-grandfather began almost a century ago.