Respect for the environment and safeguarding the health of those who live and work here have always been the determining factors for choices made by the Torello Rovereto family.

Francesco, the present owner, in recent years has been facing the problems and seeking out the answers related to the following subjects:

Nature conservation and environmental balance

  • Pollution
  • Protection of natural fauna
  • The ecosystems
  • The handling of waste
  • Organic agricultural production
  • The administration of energy resources

At the end of 2008, Francesco began the conversion to organic grapevine-growing and wine-making methods to obtain prestigious certification given in accordance with the very strict European laws on the subject.

In 2013, having sought a renewable energy source to supply almost all the needs of Castello di Grillano’s enterprises, he set up a solar energy system, and now even the hot water at the Castello di Grillano castle and its guest house is heated by the sun.